Big Daddy Government Shuts Down Cigarette Rollers

Big Daddy knows what’s best for you.  Now I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t find them enjoyable and I know they’re poisonous.  However I do enjoy junk food and fast food, I find it enjoyable and I know…well they’re poisonous.  According to news reports, at midnight tonight a federal law will shut down “roll-your-own” cigarette operations nationwide.  The effects won’t be as massive as a federal crackdown on fast food or the entire tobacco industry would be, but no doubt jobs will be lost and customers will be angry.

Now what rolling your own cigarettes has to do with a highway bill is beyond me.  What does this have to do with transportation and roads?  Well nothing of course, but the federal government isn’t known for its richness of common sense.

I’m sure statists will declare that because tobacco comes mostly from the Carolinas and the south, it requires interstate commerce to get cigarettes to all 50 states. Thus the statist’s second favorite tool (first being the elastic clause), the Commerce Clause, will be invoked to allow the feds to regulate cigarette rollers in stores throughout the land.

Even if this travesty is somehow constitutional, is it right for the government to overreach like this?  Are we not tired of living in a country where the Environmental Protection Agency claims that ditches full of water on private property are “navigable waterways?”  Are we not sick of being told which light bulbs we must buy?  Are we not sick of the federal government telling us what kind of “low flow” toilets we have to buy?!

Federal overreach has been a growing problem in this country for the past half century, and it’s accelerated every time we have statists in elected positions.

In addition to our concerns about the Constitution being trampled on and civil rights violations by an increasingly powerful centralized government, expect to see more tales of extreme statist overreach.  Just pray you never have your property targeted by a federal bureaucracy!