The “Image Is Everything” White House Strikes Again

I had planned to make my first post here about the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The legal monstrosity recently deemed ‘constitutional’, has all the underpinnings of a liberty crushing piece of big government legislation.  The taxing precedent created by last week’s decision will have implications for decades.  I’m sure my colleagues will touch upon this post haste, after all….the Obamacare ruling was the impetus of this website’s relaunch.

Instead I was taken aback by a story I’d have expected to see in 1972 rather than 2012.  It looks like the Secret Service (SS) has decided it was necessary to shut down an anti-administration protest in front of the White House because it discovered a “mysterious package.”

My first thought was: dirty tricks.  My second thought?  If this “package” were truly dangerous and part of an attempt at violence, why wouldn’t protesters be heading for the hills?  Surely this would be domestic terrorist wouldn’t want to harm people on his own side.  Naturally there was no domestic terrorist and the “package” (which happened to show up just as the protest began gaining real traction) was probably either benign or straight up didn’t exist.

As you may recall, gay military protesters were arrested a couple of years ago for chaining themselves to the White House fence.

Last year environmentalists were arrested in front of the White Houseas well.  I’ll tackle the anti-liberty bent of the environmentalist movement another day, but certainly they have a right to redress their government!

Now I could sit here and whine about how if a Republican president, say George W. Bush, had pulled off such anti-first amendment dirty tricks that we’d never heard the end of it from the mainstream media and the Left.  Which, of course, is absolutely true.  Hell, any documentary on the Johnson and Nixon presidencies is full of footage of anti-war protesters camped out in front of the White House….that cultural image even had a cameo in Forrest Gump!Instead let’s focus on the bad actors in these cases:  an executive branch obsessed with image control to the point where they shut down and evacuate ANY White House protest, whether brought about by conservatives or liberals.

I’m sure they don’t allow private citizens to assemble and protest in Tiananmen Square either.  Actually, I know they don’t for it is the signature mark of an authoritarian regime.