Law of the Sea, Sunk for now.

When Sen. John Kerry’s spokesmouth announces that “rock-ribbed Republicans” support the same idea as John Kerry – you should be highly suspicious. In this case, “it” is the Law Of the Sea Treaty (“LOST”), the good news is it sounds like it is dead… for now.  The Chamber of Commerce, hardly a “freedom loving institution” is all for this massive expansion of tyranny, as is Kerry and the global corporatist movement. Somehow, it has been stalled since Reagan was president — and we are lucky enough to have it stalled again for another year.

The story of this treaty, and why it is so insidious, is that it takes the last frontier on earth – the seas beyond the coastal shelf – currently known as “International Waters” and assigns their ownership to… you guessed it, the UN. Furthermore, what that would do is allow the UN to collect revenue and taxes (for the first time in its history) independently of its own members’ contributions (which are mostly US and Europe dues anyway). If that doesn’t chill your spine, you are probably took a wrong turn on the internet before you got here.  The UN would be able to collect royalties on all kinds of products of the sea, including oil and gas. If you thought the Saudi princes were extravagant with their oil money, just wait until the UN gets its hands on all that cash.

This treaty comes up at least once every presidential term, and sometimes once each congress, and so far we’ve avoided signing it. Eventually it will get passed, just like a massive healthcare takeover, or eminent domain, or a massive expansion of the power of the government to tax, our liberties seem to be eroding, both fast and slow, every day. But at least this time, the tide has been stemmed. I’ll drink to that!