Police Now Tracking Law Abiding Citizens Who Watch the Watchers.

A Harlem couple has been branded as “professional agitators” by the NYPD.  From the looks of the “DNAInfo” website and the mugshots of Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye, it’s safe to say they’re left-wing activists (for instance Gonzalez referred to a judge in one of  her cases as a “white racist pig” in open court and was held in contempt).

I despise the kind of leftist victimization clap trap people like Gonzalez conjure up, and frankly I’m sure when it comes to anything other than law enforcement and the military-industrial complex Gonzalez and Swaye are fervent statists.

That said, my utter contempt for their far-left views is outweighed by my love of liberty.  More and more I am seeing troubling cases of police harassing, detaining, oven arresting citizens with camera phones or video cameras.  A police officer who works within the law has nothing to fear from public scrutiny, even when he uses force. Sometimes a baton is needed, and if video captures it…so be it.  What is not okay is police hampering private citizens from legally filming and documenting public officials (law enforcement) discharging their duties in the public square.

It should offend every freedom lover and believer in the American system of jurisprudence and government that police have “watch fliers” of people known to videotape cops, even when such people are politically radical leftists.

The NYPD posted this flyer in the 30th Precinct with mugshots of Christina Gonzalez and Matthew Swaye. PHOTO CREDIT YouTube/Christina Gonzalez