Screaming “Racism” in a Crowded Nation

The other day the Wolf Report’s very own Aaron came to me with this story.  Apparently the intelligentsia over at New York magazine claims the “You didn’t build that” controversy is mired in racism.  The only reason anybody is mad about it is because the president delivered it in a “black dialect,” claims white liberal Jonathan Chait.  Surely his years working for the left wing Center for American Progress and hardly read publications like The New Republic qualify him to make such sanctimonious declarations.

But now Current TV’s Cenk Uygur (wait….they’re still on TV?!) is screaming racism in a crowded nation as well.

“Mitt Romney recently said in Israel that Palestinians don’t have as high a GDP per capita as Israelis do because their culture is not as good as Jewish culture. That is both deeply racist and deeply stupid.”

This opening barrage is hilarious on many levels.  I don’t believe Romney once used the phrase “Jewish culture,” his point was more to the fact that western style free market democracies tend to do better than their totalitarian counterparts.  Neither racist nor stupid observations, but let a rabid “Young Turk” like Cenk have his say and suddenly Mitt is wearing a Klan crested yarmulke.

At the beginning of this month I warned you about Toure and his misuse of the concept of racism to further his agenda, now we see more examples of the elitist statists abusing racism to rile up people of color.

The statists’ misuse and abuse of racism MUST come to an end.  A hundred years ago the Supreme Court ruled that shouting fire in a crowded theater presented a clear and present danger to innocent lives.  Today I declare that shouting racism in a crowded nation presents a threat to our liberties!