The Tolerance Enforcers

From San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee on the left coast to Boston’s Mayor Menino on the east coast, we have way too many public officials bullying a business for its CEO’s personal set of beliefs.  Now Chicago is threatening to make paperwork difficult to open a Chik Fil A in it city limits.  Because of health code violations?  Nope.  Discriminatory employment practices?  Nope.  Chicago’s public officials feel the company doesn’t mesh with its “values” (values like what….teen gang violence and political corruption?)  Is this America, or a Soviet state?  Mark Steyn chimes in.

Imagine a culture war in which conservative public officials condemn Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for its support of Occupy Wall Street and Nabisco for it’s “LGBT Oreo” ad.

Bullying people into “good thoughts” only leads to tyranny.