Toure: Serial Enemy of Liberty

Toure, who has made a career as a race hustler (the man can find racism in just about anything), is at it again:

“Many Americans say they’re unhappy about the health care law, but the the popularity of the law is something of a red herring. Sometimes, government must lead. Sometimes, government must demand people accept change they’re not yet ready for. Those are the moments when leaders with vision can change society and create the crescendos of history. In freeing the slaves, desegregating schools, enacting Title IX, and legalizing gay marriage, government led America into a new world much of the country wasn’t ready for, but in time, we adjusted. And this too shall pass.”

Toure, ever the statist, believes that sometimes the will of a society should be undermined and pushed aside by self-appointed masterminds.  What is interesting is that Toure uses examples of liberty (anti-slavery, desegretation/political equality) in order to push his statism forward.  The statist will often use the deception of freedom and liberty to expand the state and ultimately limit liberty.  A quick read of the the United States Constitution will be interpreted by any common sense person as a roadmap to desegregation, we don’t need masterminds to lead us to liberty….we need only the Constitution and our founding principles.

To get a better sense of Toure’s world view I’ve compiled some of his greatest hits:

Toure saying Herman Cain gives comfort to racists

Toure claiming that denying racism IS racism

Toure blaming Whitney Houston’s death on a fear of poverty and being black

Toure attacking “9/11 nostalgia” (My pick for most offensive rant)

I’ll end with this thought though:  While Toure is offensive, both in his paranoid worldview and his statism, he is not nearly as dangerous as many of the other commentators in the media these days because I question how seriously his paranoia is taken by the general public.