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MSNBC’s Toure at it AGAIN!

Well, Toure is at it again.  The guy is totally unhinged now.

From Mediaite….

“‘That really bothered me,’ he said. ‘You notice he said anger twice. He’s really trying to use racial coding and access some really deep stereotypes about the angry black man. This is part of the playbook against Obama, the ‘otherization,’ he’s not like us.’

‘I know it’s a heavy thing, I don’t say it lightly, but this is ‘niggerization,’’ Touré said to the apparent shock of his co-panelists. ‘You are not one of us, you are like the scary black man who we’ve been trained to fear.'”

Video of this loathsome race hustler can be found here.


Touré Neblett

More Lies About Congressman Paul Ryan

Below I posted a nice little lie I found circulating on Facebook.  Maybe we should deconstruct this one by one.  Oh wait, no need to.  Turns out The Weekly Standard already did!

1) Lilly Ledbetter eh?  Well it turns out there are reasons that men earn more than women.  In fact, as it turns out….young unmarried women with no kids make more money than their young male counterparts!

“Young women in their 20s who don’t have children, who are not married, are actually earning more than comparable young men,” Hymowitz said.
Farrell said they’re actually earning 117 percent more — meaning women in that group earn 17 cents more on every dollar a man of the same age makes.”

2)  He’s pro-life, so is half the country.  As for the hospital thing?  This goes back to the debate about a doctor/pharmacist’s conscience vs. state intrusion & regulation.

3) As stated by Congressman Mike Pence:

“The Pence Amendment would simply prevent any funds under Title X from going to Planned Parenthood. It would not reduce the total amount of funds available for family planning. Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning and related preventive health services. There are a number of federally funded clinics across the nation that offer beneficial services including patient counseling, breast cancer screenings, HIV prevention education, and many more. According to their last annual report, Title X funds helped over 4.7 million women prevent pregnancy by a variety of ethical methods such as abstinence education and birth control. There are many clinics funded by Title X that offer ethical family planning services – without providing abortions.”

4) Out and out lie. In fact:

 “Ryan does not favor banning contraception, nor has he ever voted to ban contraception. In the modern era, there hasn’t been any legislation offered by anyone in Congress to ban birth control.”

“In fact, Ryan, like other conservative Republicans in the House, has voted for hundreds of millions of dollars in contraceptive funding for low-income women through the program Title X. “

5) Again, here is The Weekly Standard:

“Today, Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer claims that the same bill, the Sanctity of Life Act, would ban in-vitro fertilization. That claim is also false. Mencimer has been made aware of this fact, but she has not yet issued a retraction.”

Folks, we’ve seen just a handful of outrageous lies about Congressman Paul Ryan.  We have a failed president who cannot point to his own accomplishments, instead he turns to his media friends and special interest surrogates to distract and distort.  Are you really more interested in tax returns than you are about the debt crisis your children will inherit?  What’s more important to you: Ann Romney’s pet horse or your employment prospects?  Rich peoples’ tax rates or Obama’s friends cutting crony deals to fund their companies with taxpayer (aka. YOUR) dollars?  I think any reasonable person would choose the latter in each of these questions.


Civil Rights Violators?

I wonder if this counts as a civil rights violation?  I recall these New Black Panther thugs intimidated voters back in 2008 and the Obama Justice Department DROPPED the case against them.

Ed. Note:  Yes I realize it’s not fun to click links, however with all the video involved there wasn’t much I could do about it.

When wealth is transferred, not created, only Washington wins

In America today, the best way to get rich is to masquerade as a “public servant,” deceive the people with promises you’ll never fulfill, and when anyone objects, condemn them as a greedy miser who won’t pay their fair share. It’s an idea so successful it built a city that’s more prosperous than Silicon Valley.

To wit, in Washington, D.C.:

  • “Construction cranes dominate the downtown skyline, and your average homeless guy can barely grab a stretch of sidewalk before yet another boutique store pops up to bounce his bedroll.”
  • “D.C. Leads List of Most Shopaholic Cities in America.”
  • “If you wanted to imagine what the economy might look like if the country were much better educated,” Leonhardt writes, “you can look at Washington.”
  • Key factors identified in the Bloomberg report include massive defense contracts, “federal employees whose compensation averages more than $126,000,” “the nation’s greatest concentration of lawyers,” and record-high lobbying expenditures.
  • D.C. gobbled up “more stimulus dollars per capita than any state.”

Meanwhile in Stockton, CA:

  • Stockton, California made history in June 2012 when it became the largest U.S. municipality in history to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy.
  • The city is on the hook for more than $800 million in unfunded liabilities for pensions and other post-employment benefits.
  • Stockton’s general fund, meant to be for basic city services such as police and fire, has been gutted by the poor fiscal decisions, resulting in a 26-percent reduction in city police. Last year, a record 58 murders took place in Stockton. This year, they’ve already had 34.

And yet here’s what Elizabeth Warren, candidate for US Senate, has to say from her cushy Washington, D.C. job as a “Special Advisor” to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

“You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for… part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

Can you smell the hypocrisy? Is anyone really taking these thieves seriously anymore? Or are we just doing what we’re told at gunpoint?

The state has bloated to a size far beyond what’s required for the good of society. Elected officials aren’t spending your taxes on civil services. They’re slopping at the trough while your hometown rots.