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Will the War on Drugs go out with a whimper?

James Higdon at the Daily Beast reports that Obama’s FY13 budget halves funding for the U. S. National Guard Counterdrug program, which flies helicopters over remote areas of the country in search of pot farms.

Now I’d rather see this program at 0% funding instead of 50%, because I couldn’t care less if someone wants to grow pot in the middle of nowhere, and I’d rather you buy it from an American instead of from violent Mexican cartels that post videos of chainsaw beheadings on the Internet as a reminder of how unstoppable your drug habit has made them. But I’ll take what I can get.

Still, I have to ask – why now Barack, only four months before the election? You had four years so why are you just now getting around to proposing we cut wasteful and counterproductive programs like this one?

The answer is that like all Republicrats, he knows that Americans want less government intrusion, he just doesn’t want to give it to us. Just like his reversal on gay marriage, this is a self-serving attempt to energize the liberal base before the election, and on the day after Election Day he’ll go right back to showering his banker friends with pork, declaring war on Iran, and letting the military detain American citizens without a trial.

But at least when you take a hit to forget the pain, you’ll be smoking American.